Tips on Choosing the Right LSA Vases for Your Home Décor

Flowers are commonly used in decorating homes, but they should also be placed in proper flower vases. If you’re thinking about buying LSA vases, you have to make sure that they would complement the beauty of the flowers and let it shine instead of distracting from it and ruining the look of the entire room.

While you may be more careful in matching the LSA plates and bowls with the kitchen and dining room, you have to consider these tips while choosing flower vases:

  • The flower vase should be in contrast to the flowers. If the vase in itself is already bright or decorative, it might outshine the beauty of your flowers.
  • The height of the cut flowers should be taken into consideration. This should determine the height of the flower vase. Long stemmed flowers with long petals would only fit snugly in a tall vase. Half or two-third of the flowers should be placed in the vase.
  • Think about the colour of the flower vase carefully. Just as much as you are careful in choosing the right colours for your LSA Carafe drinkware, the same thing is necessary in buying a flower vase. The safest choices with guaranteed good results are pastel, white and cream vases. However, there are certain vases which would usually clash with the colours of the flowers that they are holding, making it hard for them to be used as flower holders. These include bold-patterned crystal vases or brightly coloured glass vases and ceramics.

4 Responses to “Tips on Choosing the Right LSA Vases for Your Home Décor”

  • Flower vase is an added decorative feature of home. The main catch lies in choosing the appropriate vase. There should be contrast between the vase and the flowers used apart from matching the height of the vase and the cut flowers.

  • Certain points to be borne in mind while choosing a flower vase. The color of the vase should ideally be white, cream or of pastel shades. There should be contrast in the color of flowers and vase. Height of the cut flowers and vase should be in harmony.

  • LSA stuffs are of great prestige. While LSA vases keep in mind certain tips. The color of the vase should be in contrast with the flowers. If the flowers are glossy in color the vase should be mat in appearance. The height of the cut flowers should be taken into consideration.

  • These vases are the most adorable and perfect interior articles for the home décor. You all should follow the tips shared here while making a selection about these vases.